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local produce made easy

locally sourced fruit and veggies from the farmers you know

About Our Boxes

We wanted to ensure our customers have access to local food and our local producers have access to market. 

Our vegetable boxes are predominantly local and organically grown from farmers we have a relationship with. 

The boxes will comprise of foundational root vegetables, nightshades, cucurbits and leafy greens with something of interest every week so we can share new flavour and nutrient profiles.

Here's what customers are saying...

I loved my box. And my friends were well impressed with the service. Thank you for your kindness and support! Highly recommended and I simply just love the actual box. I am keeping it. 🐝🐝🐕🐕 🌲🌲

~Holly English

Having these boxes delivered each week has been a lifesaver. What a wonderful service, and the fact that they are locally sourced is even better! Highly recommend!

~Alice H.