We’re thrilled to have some of the best minds in Australia’s food and beverage industry putting their heads together to bring you the Harvest Christmas Box, 2021 Edition. 

As with everything we do at Harvest, none of this would be possible without the community of growers, farmers and artisans who we are lucky enough to call our collaborators.

David Moyle

It is hard to pin down what David Moyle is most passionate about. It might be ethical food sourcing practices, it might be the responsibility he feels as a chef...

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Matt Stone

Matt Stone is a leading zero-waste chef, and serious innovator in Australian dining. While he has cooked at an impressive list of restaurants in his 20 years cooking across Western...

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Jo Barrett

While many talk about living more sustainably, for acclaimed chef Jo Barrett it’s her entire being, and something she has committed to over decades of projects and roles in the...

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Adam James

Since first venturing into the world of fermentation at age 14 in boarding school - an experiment involving aniseed essence, sugar and warm water in 2 litre coke bottles stashed...

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Great Wrap

Great Wrap is the only Australian compostable cling wrap, co-founded by a former architect and a former winemaker who got talking over a couple of pina colada’s one night. Jordy...

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Tintenbar Distillery

Tintenbar Distillery is a family affair, born out of a desire to use up and give a longer shelf life to  produce grown on the small, organic certified family farm....

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Reece Cooper

Reece has been working with coffee for 15 years now and his knowledge and passion for the craft and community around the humble coffee bean is second to none. Reece...

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