Adam James

Adam James

Since first venturing into the world of fermentation at age 14 in boarding school - an experiment involving aniseed essence, sugar and warm water in 2 litre coke bottles stashed under his bed - Adam James has been fascinated with the alchemy of fermentation. A hobby became an obsession and rough rice was born in 2014.

Adam and David met whilst Adam was running Tricycle Café in Hobart. The two bonded over their similar approach to and respect for ingredients and a love of the ocean. They were also fortunate  enough to travel to East Arnhem land together to share knowledge with the Yolngu people.

Adam and David have collaborated on the Shio Koji Pickles within the Harvest Christmas Box, with Adam assisting David with developing the Shio Koji emulsion. Adam is excited to work with the very unique Northern Rivers produce, watching the way fermenting transforms local ingredients into a new Christmas table staple.

rough rice

Hobart, Tasmania