Seasonal Shio Koji Pickles

Seasonal Shio Koji Pickles

Vegetables and tropical fruits pickled in a shio koji emulsion using locally grown fruit and vegetables

Enjoy pickles with cheese and charcuterie and use the liquid as you would a dressing or hot sauce. Or follow our recipe for a salty sweet glaze for your Christmas ham

Fermentation king Adam James has struck gold with these sweet and crunchy pickles. Here, he heroes local Byron Bay tropical fruits like papaya and guava and local vegetables, in a textural shio koji emulsion for six weeks. The emulsion is a funky, savoury sensation – crafted from a blend of grain koji, salt and water that’s been left to brew for six weeks. Add these tangy and fruity flavour boosters to sandwiches for a surprise crunch, or top with cheese and serve on a charcuterie platter. The pickle liquid can be used as a Christmas ham glaze, too by mixing with honey.

Ingredients: daikon, turnip, radish, carrot, papaya, tomato, shio koji, salt

Storage: Refrigerate jar after opening. Store below 16 degrees, Best used within 6 months