Sourdough Miso

Sourdough Miso

A deliciously salty miso paste that’s traditionally Japanese in style, made in an inherently Australian way. 

Here, Harvest’s Matt Stone make clever use of Harvest Bakery’s leftover roasted sourdough bread, combining it with grain koji, pumpkin seeds and salt, which is left to ferment for two months. The result is a thick, concentrated paste with a mild, earthy and slightly sweet flavour. Bolster roast vegetables by drizzling on as a glaze, or jazz up salads by adding to dressings. For something a little different, mix into a creme anglaise or custard and serve with apple crumble.

Use as a glaze for roasted veggies, stir through soup or follow our recipe for a salad dressing that is best used over summer vegetables or robust leaves. For a unique take, use in créme anglaise or custard to serve with dessert. 

Contains: Gluten

Ingredients: sourdough bread, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, shio koji

Storage: Refrigerate jar after opening, and keep below 16 degrees. Best enjoyed within 3 months.